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Are you suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome and struggle to find a way to manage your symptoms? If your answer is yes, you are just like me, a few years ago. Now I control my horrible IBS symptoms mainly by following a low FODMAP diet. In the Low FODMAP Diet and IBS Podcast, we will hear from IBS and low FODMAP Diet experts and also different stories from people who are suffering from IBS and have been following a Low FODMAP Diet to manage their IBS issues. You can find me at
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Mar 21, 2017

In this episode I interview Steven J. Singer, an accomplished entrepreneur from Montreal, Canada.

Steven is the co-founder of the very famous Glutino Foods, America's premier gluten-free food company which he started from scratch in the late 1990’s and grew to a very successful business, soon becoming the leader in gluten-free products across North America. More recently, Steven founded another business, and this is what makes it very interesting for those who are on the low FODMAP diet just like me, because FODY Food Company is America's first low FODMAP food company. During this interview I have the pleasure of talking to Steven about why he decided to get into this new venture and how his products can help IBS sufferers to avoid those dreadful symptoms.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How did Steven get into the food industry and the FODMAP space?
  • Which products are available at FODY Food Co.?
  • Where can FODY products be found?
  • Why FODY Food has certified their products?
  • What is the 'safe' quantity of low FODMAP food that IBS sufferers can consume before triggering symptoms?
  • Why did FODY Food decide to have their pasta sauces made in Italy?
  • What are the opportunities and challenges facing a new product launch in a niche market?
  • What are some tips for those planning to launch low FODMAP products?
  • Why should IBS sufferer reach out to a low FODMAP authority and dietitian?
  • Where did the brand name FODY come from and what is the message behind the bird logo?
  • What does the future hold for the international expansion of FODY?
  • What does it take to be successful in the food business?
  • How can you be one of the first to receive new products to your doorstep?

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